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My powder life - to fight in the front line of powder!!

Powder in this industry,

Honesty is more important than life,

In this industry,

Rely on a face, a reputation,

A bad name once you can basically say goodbye to this circle.

As long as trustworthy,

A phone call,

Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even tens of millions of money immediately to your hand.

This is the charm of the industry.

The implementation of the best social circle,

Insist on,

Honesty is gold,

To the letter,

This is the most precious thing that we have been holding on to.

The scenery behind the sad

People who make powder!

Surface scenery when the manager, the boss,

When the king!


Mouth vomit lotus,

With the guidance of several tens of millions of Yijishi billion market,

In fact, live a hard day,

Every day from morning to evening!

On both sides of the Changjiang River drift,

Three meals a day,

Even a few days without a meal!

All kinds of people.

It's hard to do powder

The price is high, say you black;

The price is low, say you are a liar;

The quotation is just right!

Talk to him, he told you;

Ignore him, he says you pretend;

Chat, he said to consider


Let us powder people do?

But the days are still to be made......

The first cut me bargain!

Great cost,

The profit is very thin, the pressure is long,

This is the status quo of the powder.


Don't bargain so hard,

Don't think we can make much money,

It's really a very small profit,

If you want to bargain,

Bargain before cut me!

I don't sell powder is in your life

ECG of powder boss:

Normal heartbeat:


A customer to a single heartbeat:


Customer bargaining heartbeat:


The heartbeat of customer orders:


Money can not hit the heart of the time:


So sell powder,

It's really a life,

And do and cherish!

Powder industry to do the real life

Eating fried rice ten dollars,

To push hundreds of thousands of remittances.

Sitting on a bus,

Talking about millions of contracts.

More than and 100 dollars for the hotel to sleep,

With the guidance of tens of millions of market.

With thousands of dollars of wages,

Staring into millions of billions of list.

Make powder,

Is so capricious.

Find the industry should find such a,

Play hundreds of billions of business.

Earn a hundred dollar bill!

Take money selling cabbage,

To sell the heart of white powder!

Business is the grade of the high-end atmosphere,

Profit is a low-key luxury down to earth!

A powerful and unconstrained style!

Some people ask

Since very tired why not back?

Because in addition to the powder, nothing will!

The powder people who share the same feeling quietly turned


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